Sunday, July 31, 2016


Going for a darker paint color for the walls was daunting. I would not have given it so much of a thought if I was going for just an accent wall. While setting up the room after the painting, I did few small tweaks of the accessories.We loved how the room turned out.

The color of the paint in this picture is the exact one.

Curtain rods moved up closer to the ceiling. So I had to add extra fabric at the bottom to add length to the curtains.
I changed the table lamp to an old IKEA desk lamp.
The yellow and white stripes lamp shade was too much yellow in the room.
This IKEA desk lamp was red in color, which I spray painted to white. One coat of white primer and 2 coats of white paint.
As you enter the room, this is what you see.
These picture frames got a coat of white paint too.
I had plans to stitch pillow covers for the throw pillows. But during one of my Hobby Lobby visit, found these covers with zipper. They matched perfectly.
During the day due to sunlight, the paint color looks a little lighter.
After sunset.
One before (a very old before) and after:
For now, our Guest Bedroom is DONE!

Have a great week ahead.

Friday, July 29, 2016


As of January this year, I had checked off every tweak that I had listed and planned to complete for the Guest Bedroom makeover.
  • Headboard was upholstered
  • Curtain's were updated
  • Nightstand was painted white from it's original black color
  • The desk was swapped
  • The chair was upholstered
  • The nightstand lamp was ready
So finally the Guest bedroom was done! 

And one weekend, I went ahead and clicked pictures for the blog. I downloaded, sorted through the pictures, selected and edited. While going through the photos, I felt something was incomplete. I left it at that.
A week later when I sat down to write the post and went through the photos again, I had the urge to change something in the room.

Change the direction of the bed? Change the curtains to plain white? Or yellow? Did the room look cluttered? Move the desk out? 

Weeks became months and still I could not figure out what change or tweak I wanted. Then in April, I asked Mr. if I could change the paint color of the Guest bedroom wall. I was expecting "What's wrong with the current paint color?" question. He said, "Go ahead.".

We don't have a darker wall paint in any of our rooms. And believe me it was not easy to pick the shade of dark grey I wanted. There really are more than Fifty Shades of Grey.
I didn't want too dark or a shade just a little darker than the current one.

And finally when I ordered the paint color at Lowe's, I went with a gut feeling that I will like it.
But it scared me when I painted it first on the side of the wall.

So this was the change that I had wanted in this room.

I will share the makeover with you guys on Monday.

Have a great weekend.